We are incredibly excited to launch The ReUse District. We welcome interested businesses and organizations that incorporate reused materials into their operations to join us.

Map of The ReUsed District

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This year’s Fringe Fest was a blast! The ReUse District hosted an arts & crafts booth at the Kids’ Tent where children could make their very own Holiday ornaments from reused clay. Check out what some of our participants created!


October’s Member of the Month, ShadowBox Theatre, collected pumpkins that were donated to St. Roch Community Church for kids to carve for the Halloween Festivities! With your contributions, this event was a wonderful success!Thank you for all your donations!

Donate a pumpkin to Shadow Box Theatre as The ReUse District’s Member of the Month, and get $5 off  their big Halloween fundraiser event. All pumpkins given to Shadow Box Theatre will be donated to the  St. Roch Community Church for their annual pumpkin carving parties where kids in the neighborhood can celebrate Halloween!

The Shadow Box Theatre, located at 2400 St Claude Ave, is The ReUse District’s Member of the Month for October! Donate a pumpkin to be given to children within The ReUse District to paint and carve for Halloween!


It all started with Christmas in October, an event that brought together local volunteers to help add value to their own communities by rebuilding houses and revitalizing neighborhoods. Since 1988, Rebuilding Together New Orleans has existed to organize this event, which relies on locals to dedicate two weekends of time, sweat and positivity to the task of revitalizing their city.

October Build continues each year because of the need to engage local volunteers. This year, Rebuilding Together New Orleans will work with 25 teams and 375 local volunteers on 17 houses throughout the city. In only four days, these volunteers will make noticeable changes in seven New Orleans neighborhoods. Though each house has specific needs, these volunteers will generally be working on everything from painting and landscaping to hammering and drilling.

Click on image above to listen and learn more about RTNO’s October Build Event!

The ShadowBox Theatre is the only independent black box theatre in New Orleans.  Conveniently located on St. Claude Ave, in the heart of the ReUse District, The ShadowBox hosts a full variety of shows from original pieces to classics, and from comedy to serious works.  As an avid supporter of the New Orleans Fringe Festival, The ShadowBox is always a great venue for refreshing shows.

The theater is also fundamentally a ReUse location.  Everything that makes The ShadowBox unique- classic red velvet curtains, retro wood auditorium chairs, right up to the paint on the walls- has been reclaimed from other locations in the neighborhood.  The ShadowBox supports re-use in every way.

Saturday, Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the PRC (923 Tchoupitoulas St.)

Event Details:

This annual homebuyer fair promotes homeownership in historic New Orleans neighborhoods by providing prospective homebuyers with the tools they need to find, purchase, and renovate a historic home.

This year’s Great Neighborhood Sellabration will feature exhibitions about historic New Orleans neighborhoods, along with workshops on how to buy, finance, and renovate a historic home. Also featuring hundreds of properties for sale throughout New Orleans!

Realtors, lenders and contractors will be available to answer questions and provide information.

Christopher Porché West is an award-winning photographer and artist who has been documenting the people and culture of News Orleans for 30 years. Recycling scraps of wrought iron, aged cypress, window frames and other found materials from the streets of New Orleans, Porché West began creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind ensembles through which to view his imagery. These “assemblages”, three-dimensional art works that are part photograph and part sculpture, debuted in 1998 at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and in 1999 won the Festival’s Best Display Award in its Contemporary Crafts showcase. Visit his studio, located at 3201 Burgundy Street, to see his innovative and inspirational work for yourself!

Ever Saturday 10 a.m. – 2p.m. — Fresh local produce, seafood, and baked goods!

Location: Holy Angels Complex, 3500 St. Claude Avenue (at the corner of Gallier Street and St. Claude Avenue)

The Sankofa Farmers Market serves as a community anchor for the New Orleans Ninth Ward, empowers the New Orleans community with information about and access to healthy local foods, stimulates economic activity, and provides health and wellness education resources.


Today, August 29th, 2011, marks the 6th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As the New Orleans community acknowledges the day when, six years ago, their beloved city was devastated, we continue to raise our heads and continue moving forward. With much to reflect upon and remember, the City of New Orleans and its devoted community members have much more to look forward to! Six years after the storm, Rebuilding Together New Orleans invites you to take a look at some of the progress and revitalization efforts being made and that continue to be made.